Elie Hirschfeld Conquers Central Park Triathlon 2017

New York developer secures the win for his age division


New York real estate developer, athlete, art collector and philanthropist, Elie Hirschfeld has seized yet another opportunity to compete and win, in the recent Central Park Triathlon. A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. The nature of the sport focuses on persistent training in each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts and general strength conditioning.

Mr. Hirschfeld is an accomplished tri-athlete with a life-long passion for fitness and competitive sports. “I have always believed consistent physical activity can drive success in all areas of our lives, and it was a great pleasure to take part in this race and enjoy activities I am passionate about, right in my own backyard.”

This race was held on July 30, 2017 and included a ¼ mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run Mr. Hirschfeld has competed in marathons and triathlons in many different locales throughout his life. The opportunity to participate and win in his age division in this race – which took place in his own Central Park neighborhood – was one he especially appreciated.

New York City’s Central Park was America’s first major landscaped public park, and a treasure in the mind of Elie Hirschfeld. With 42 million visits each year to its 843 acres, today Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States.

Elie Hirschfeld is a Chairman Circle Member of the Central Park Conservancy. The Conservancy raises 75% of the Park’s annual budget and is responsible for the work essential to keeping Central Park beautiful. In early 2017 he contributed $20,000. towards Central Park benches named for Hirschfeld, in honor of his love of Central Park and the important historic components of the city’s landscape.

The Central Park Triathlon is organized by the New York Triathlon (NYTRI) group, which started as a grassroots race production company out of Syracuse, NY in 1983 and is now the longest running triathlon organization in the Northeast. To date, NYTRI has organized over 600 events that drew approximately 100,000 competitors.