Elie Hirschfeld lends four paintings to “New York, New York” exhibition at Nassau County Museum of Art

New York real estate developer and art collector, Elie Hirschfeld has lent four of his prized paintings to the exhibition, “New York, New York”, to will run from July 22 through November 5 at the The Nassau County Museum of Art.

His participation in the exhibition demonstrates his devotion both to the arts and to the city he has helped shape for nearly 50 years. “This exhibition resonates with me because of my love for New York, and my deep personal and professional connection with the city. Each of the four pieces from my collection are symbols of my many ties with the greatest city on earth,” Elie Hirschfeld said.

“I was more than happy to share them for this special salute to New York, so others could expand their appreciation of how the city has inspired so many great artists.” Elie Hirschfeld’s pieces provide diverse perspectives and interpretations of the city from an eclectic collection of great artists.

From the extraordinary to the everyday, “New York, New York” uncovers life within the city’s populace at work, in their homes, on the streets, and enjoying the city’s many parks, beaches, clubs and bars. In oils, works on paper, photography, prints and sculpture, the works on view explore the city from its early years of the last century nearly to the present day.

Arman’s Statue of Liberty is a 1980s masterpiece that entices the eye to explore layers of diverse perspectives in interpretation. Each piece of the original statue is divided and staggered, retaining its original forms despite the image of deconstruction.

One of America’s most celebrated female painters, Georgia O’Keefe, created the “Brooklyn Bridge” in 1949 and it was considered her farewell tribute to the city of New York before she moved to New Mexico that year.

Mark Rothko’s 1937 “Subway Station” is Elie Hirschfeld’s personal favorite. “This is about how the future is coming into the station, and the famous Rothko red representing and emphasizing that idea,” he said.

Red Grooms painted “Seventh Ave Between 22nd & 21st St.“ N.Y.C. in 1967 and it provides a vivid look at a thoroughfare that bridges blocks of New York City.

“I truly hope that New Yorkers and people from around the world will appreciate this moving exhibition highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of our great city,” Elie Hirschfeld said. You can learn more about the “New York, New York” exhibition at the Nassau Museum of Art’s website.